How to use a template sections and use it globally across all your pages

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The most important sections that’s always included in every website we build for the clients has a “Testimonials, newsletter, or an employers/jobseekers” sections.

It is a lot of work if you have changes or updates with the design for the section and it is included in multiple pages in your website. 

And this is where templates come in handy when working with those sections without updating the pages one by one.

Here’s the steps in using saved templates:

  1. Select the page where the section you want is included. And edit that page by click “Edit with elementor” and it will redirect you to elementor editor view

  2. And within the elementor view select the section you want to save as a template and used as a global section by (Right click on the section and click Save as Template). See screenshot below

  1. Then a new window will popup and you have to name the section you want to save and then “Click the Save button”. In the example we will save the “Testimonials Section”. See screenshot below.

  1. Then your saved section will now be saved as a template.

  1. The next step is how to used the saved template in other pages. To do this, There is an Elementor widget, and that is called “template”.

  1. You need to simply add a new section on the page you want to add your global template. See screenshot on how to add section.

  1. Then after adding the section. Drag the “template” widget on the section.

  1. Select the template that you saved, and once it's added  simply click on the “update” button in the bottom right hand corner to update your changes in the page.

  1. You can repeat the steps above if you want to add the template on other part of your website pages.

And once you want to update a design or elements in the section. You can simply edit the template and all changes will apply to all the pages where the template was added.

  1. To edit the template simply go to Dashboard > Templates > Saved Templates > Click “All” to show all the list of templates

  1. Find the template you want to edit and simply click “Edit with Elementor”

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