Maximising Your Professional Visibility: A Guide to Specialities and Tags on Refari

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In today's digital era, personal branding and online presence are pivotal for professionals across various industries. Refari, a platform at the forefront of enhancing professional visibility, offers a unique feature that allows users to add specialities to their profiles. This article delves into the significance of these specialities, how they can be utilised to augment your profile, and offers guidance on setting up your own specialities or tags effectively.

Understanding the Impact of Specialties

Specialities on your Refari profile serve as a dynamic tool for showcasing your expertise and areas of interest. By navigating to your profile settings, you can add a range of specialities that reflect your professional identity. These are not merely labels but powerful tags that enhance your visibility in job boards, team widgets, and specialised pages within the Refari ecosystem.

Visibility on Job Boards and Profiles

When potential clients or candidates visit your Refari profile, your specialities are prominently displayed. This visibility is crucial, as it allows visitors to quickly understand your areas of expertise. For recruiters, this feature is slightly different due to additional elements like badges and points, which are not visible to clients. Nevertheless, the essence of showcasing specialities remains consistent, providing a clear insight into your professional focus.

Specialities as Tags: Beyond the Profile

The true power of specialities lies in their functionality as tags. These tags are instrumental in segmenting the team into different subsets, as seen in the team widget on the Refari platform. They enable users to filter team members based on specific specialities, offering a streamlined way to find professionals fitting certain criteria. This tagging system extends to client websites, where specialties are utilised to categorise team members into niche areas of operation.

Enhancing Content with Specialties

Specialities tags find their use in various widgets across the Refari platform and client websites. For example, a "Latest Jobs" widget can be filtered to display only jobs related to accounting and finance if the widget is tagged accordingly. This level of customisation ensures that content is relevant and tailored to the audience's interests. Similarly, testimonials can be filtered to showcase feedback related to specific teams or specialities, adding credibility and specific insight into the team's expertise.

Setting Up Your Specialities

Adding new specialties to your profile is straightforward. However, it's essential to have a strategic approach to ensure consistency across your organisation. Here are some steps to guide you in setting up your specialties:

1. Consult Your Team: Before adding a new speciality, check with your team to ensure alignment with existing tags. This prevents duplication and ensures consistency in how specialties are used across your organisation.


2. Use the Dropdown for Guidance: The dropdown menu in the specialty section displays all specialities currently in use. This feature helps in identifying existing tags that match your expertise and avoiding the creation of redundant or overlapping tags.

3. Create Thoughtfully: If you need to add a new speciality, ensure it's meaningful and reflective of your professional skills. Once added, this specialty becomes available for other team members, promoting a cohesive tagging strategy within your organisation.

4. Avoid Duplication: Be mindful of case sensitivity and spelling to prevent creating duplicate tags that could fragment your team's online presence.

Following guide can help if you want to add a new specialisation as tag in your company or organisation.

Leveraging Specialities for Enhanced Visibility

The strategic use of specialities and tags on your Refari profile not only highlights your expertise but also enhances your visibility within the platform and beyond. By following the guidelines outlined above, you can ensure that your specialities serve as a powerful tool for personal branding and professional networking.

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