How to Track Refari Registration Form Submissions in Google Analytics with the Help of Google Tag Manager

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Tracking user interactions, such as registration form submissions, is crucial for analysing the effectiveness of your website's user engagement strategies. This guide provides a comprehensive walkthrough on how to monitor Refari registration form submissions using Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. By integrating these tools, you'll be able to collect valuable data about how users interact with your registration forms, allowing you to optimise the user experience and improve conversion rates.

This guide will walk you through the steps to set up Refari Registration form submission tracking in Google Analytics using Google Tag Manager.

1. To track Refari registration submissions on your website, ensure you use the ID: candidate-registration-success, which is visible after registration is completed.


2. In this tutorial, we will show how to track Refari Registration widget submissions in Google Analytics.

3. Now, navigate to your Tag Manager account and click on "Tags."

4. Now, we need to create a new tag. Click on "New."

5. Click on "Tag Configuration."

6. Now, since we need to track this in Google Analytics, click on "Google Analytics."

7. Click on "Google Analytics: GA4 Event"

8. Now we need to add our Google Analytics Measurement ID.

9. To find the Measurement ID, click on "Admin."

10. Click on "Data streams"

11. Select the Data Stream.

12. Copy the "Measurement ID"

13. Paste the Measurement ID

14. Now, you will need to create a Google tag. It's very easy; just click on "Create Tag."

15. Save the Google Tag

16. Now we need to set up the trigger.

17. We need to choose the "Element Visibility" trigger.

18. Add the Element ID and select "Every time an element appears on screen." Set it to "Advanced," adjust visibility to 100%, check "Observe DOM changes," and select "All Visibility Events."

19. Name the tag, specify the event name, and then click "Save."

20. Done! All the tags are now set up.

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