How to Track Form Submissions in Google Analytics with the Help of Google Tag Manager

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Tracking form submissions accurately is crucial for understanding user engagement and optimising conversion rates on your website. Google Analytics provides deep insights into user behaviour, while Google Tag Manager simplifies the management of tracking codes, making it easier to collect data without needing to modify the code on your website directly. Integrating these two powerful tools allows you to monitor form submissions effectively, helping you to measure the performance of your contact forms, sign-ups, and other interactive elements.

This guide will walk you through the steps to set up form submission tracking in Google Analytics using Google Tag Manager.

1. To track a specific form submission on the website, ensure you have the ID of that particular form. In our case, it is: gform_1.


2. Select the form and obtain its ID. In our case, it is: gform_1.

3. Now, we need to navigate to our Tag Manager account. For this example, we'll use the Example Account.

4. Click on "Tags."

5. Now, we need to create a new tag. Click on "New."

6. Name the tag and then click on "Tag Configuration."

7. Now, since we need to track this in Google Analytics, click on "Google Analytics."

8. Now click on "Google Analytics: GA4 Events."

9. Now we need to add our Google Analytics Measurement ID.

10. To find the Measurement ID, click on "Admin."

11. Now click on "Data Streams."

12. Select the Data Stream.

13. Copy the "Measurement ID"

14. Paste the Measurement ID

15. Now, you will need to create a Google tag. It's very easy; just click on "Create Tag."

16. Save the Google Tag

17. Now we need to set up the trigger.

18. Here, we will trigger it on form submission.

19. Select "Some Forms" and choose the option for "Form ID contains." Then, add the form ID; in our case, it's gform_1.

20. Click on "Save" to save the trigger.

21. Name the Event

22. Click on "Save" to save the tag.

23. The tag setup is completed.

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