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The Meet The Team widget is a great way of displaying all of your team with important information and contact details. Each team member can then be clicked on and you are taken to their individual profile and specific jobs.

You can also filter the Meet The Team widget using the 'Recruiter Tags' 

How to set up Recruiter Tags

If you are an admin level user you are able to log in and manage the profiles of all team members: Manage the profiles of all your team

If you want to just add Recruiter tags on your profile, here's how:

Log into your own account as normal via 

If you are not already on your account profile, navigate to this page via the menu on the left hand side as shown below by clicking on Settings and then on Account profile.

The important section for the Recruiter Tags is where it says 'Specialities'. These are the terms that we will be able to select from to be used as Recruiter Tags later on in the process. 

When entering Specialities, type in a speciality then press enter/return before entering the next speciality like the example below.

Do NOT enter as one long string like below.

Once you have entered the Specialities, click on Update and these will be saved to the account profile. 

Admin users can then decide which tags to be shown.

How to select which tags you want to show

Whilst a profile may have many different specialities added you may decide that you only want to show a few of these. Selecting the Tags that you want to show can be done by clicking on Company Settings.

We can then scroll down to 'Recruiters Tags' and click on 'Select tag'

Clicking on 'Select tag' will then display a full list of all specialities added by any recruiter within your team. Click on the tags that you want to display on your Meet The Team widget. Then click out of this box (clicking on the word Recruiter will do the trick) and save these by clicking on Update.

When you have added Recruiter Tags to each/any profile you wish and selected them as Tags to display, these will be seen on the Meet The Team widget. The 'All' tag will be the default. 

Each tag can then be clicked on and only those team members with that tag on their profile will be displayed. 

As we saw above team members can have multiple tags added to their profile. Different team members may appear in multiple tabs depending on what specialities they added.

If you want to have a different page for each Recruiter Tag (you do not have to display these tags) then here's the article for you:

Multiple Meet The Team widgets on different pages for different Recruiter Tags 

When creating an internal job you will also see the 'Own jobs' tag. 

Here's an article on how to create the 'You' Feature: Meet The Team - 'You' Feature 

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