How to set up Socialisation templates

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Using custom Socialisation templates is a great way to generate interest in your jobs and with the right choice of image or GIF you can really stand out from the crowd.

You can upload up to 50 backgrounds for your Socialisation templates

Once you are signed in and in your Refari account you will see similar to this.


You then need to navigate to Settings and Company Branding using the menu on the left hand side. 

If you haven't yet completed your Company branding section you should do this first and here's how: Company Branding Settings 

Now you've completed your Company Branding, you can scroll down to the 'Custom backgrounds for Socialise feature' and select 'UPLOAD' and upload an image or GIF. 


After a few seconds the image will appear and you may need to resize the image if it's not going to fit very well. This can include zooming in and out of the image and adjusting the rotation.

If you are uploading a GIF, once you press save you will see a 'Rendering GIF...' loader. This will show how far through uploading the GIF you are. Uploading GIF's take a little bit longer (a minute or 2 at most).

Once it has loaded, you will see it in your list of Backgrounds you can socialise with. However we can now go further with these icons:

Clone - Make an EXACT Copy (including any formatting)

EDIT - Make edits to the background (read on to find out more)

DELETE - Delete the background

Edit - what does it do?

Editing allows you to customise the job card meaning you can save a template so you can keep your socialisations consistent across all recruiters. You can edit lots of different variables including whether to show your Round logo or Wide Logo (if added), changing the tint colour, location, angle and opacity.


You can edit the font, font colour and lots more. It's worth having a play around in here to find out what you can do to your backgrounds and what work for your company.

If you are happy with your changes, simply click on Save changes and that background will be updated and you can now use this updated background when you socialise your job adverts.

Now you can use these templates to socialise your Job Adverts. How do I socialise my Job Adverts?

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