How to add an animated logo for your Company Branding!

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Did you know you can use animated logos on the Refari platform!

Instead of just using static logos, you can be creative and use animated logos called GIF's on our platform. These can be included in Socialisations and on your Job Board.

Animated GIFs are more interesting than your standard image logos and can increase attention and curiosity for your candidates and clients.

A GIF must be a maximum of 15 seconds however the shorter the GIF the better in most cases. Also remember, the GIF is not going to be full size so putting lots of text or small text on GIF's is not recommended.

Once you've created your GIF in your 3rd party software, you can upload it in the normal way to your Company Branding:

When you upload it, you must allow time for the GIF to render (just a couple of minutes). Once rendered the GIF will start looping in your company branding page.

Let's have a look at where we could then use this GIF Logo!


When you socialise to LinkedIn and Facebook and Twitter, the GIF can be displayed. Here's an example of a socialisation to LinkedIn

When uploading Logo's to Refari, you are able to use GIF's as logo's which is pretty cool however you must be careful and make sure the first frame of the GIF is the full logo.

What do we mean by the first frame?

Each GIF is made up of hundreds of frames showing the transition or animation that you have created for your logo. The very first frame is what you would see straight away if you started the GIF from the beginning.

Why should it show the full logo?

When we send emails to you, your clients and your candidates, your logo is included. This logo however can't be showing a GIF but instead shows the first frame from your GIF, as such if your GIF starts blank and then loads the logo, the logo we will be sending will be blank.

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