Testimonials Widget - How to install it and the customisation available

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Installing our Widgets with Elementor is quick and easy and no real coding knowledge is required.

I'm going to install the Testimonials widget on this about page. Once I've navigated to the page I wish to install it and chosen to edit with Elementor, I simply need to create a new section.

On the left hand side we have lots of different options and we need to scroll down to the HTML section and drag it over to where it says 'Drag widget here'

The HTML section looks like this:

Once dragged across you will see a grey bar with this symbol inside </>. Click in this grey box. 

This is where we will paste the Widget code. 

The widget code is available for Admin and Managers in their Refari account via Refari.co . When logged in, you will see all the side navigation pages.

 You need to click on Widgets and then the widget you wish to install, in this case 'Testimonials'

In the centre you will see an example Testimonials layout and you can scroll down to the 2 buttons Copy and Copy All. Because we are using Elementor, we are able to click on COPY ALL

Clicking on COPY ALL will change this to COPIED!

With this code now copied to our clipboard we can switch back to the Webpage we were editing with Elementor and having clicked on the grey bar with this sign in </>, we can see the HTML Code on the left hand side.

In this box we can simply click and press Control (CTRL) and V to paste the clipboard code. If at least one member of the team have set up their recruiter profile and have a testimonial added to their account, you will see this in the preview on the right hand side. 

You can then click update and the widget is installed and on the page that you were editing.

If you haven't set up your recruiter profile yet, this article is for you: 

How to set up your recruiter profile

If you haven't set up any testimonials here's how: 

How to set up Testimonials on your profile

The Widget Customisations

Primary1Color: - whilst this can be customised, we recommend using the Company Branding setup. Here's how: How to set up your Company Branding

widgetTitle: default is false. If you change this to true, you will see 'Our Testimonials' above the Testimonials

authorType: see How To use the Testimonial Widget for winning new clients vs candidates 

consultantId: Clicking on a Recruiter will display their name and a number in the URL. The URL is the consultantId. Setting a consultant ID(s) will mean only this/these recruiters appear in the Testimonial widget.

VisibleTestimonials: default is 3. This means 3 will show at any one time. Shouldn't really go higher than 3 as may not fit neatly. You can reduce to show 1 or 2 at any one time.

hideProfileImage: default is false. Changing to true will mean the Testimonial will not include your profile image below the testimonial but instead use your company logo as set up in company branding.

cycleThrough: default is true. When left as default your testimonials will automatically cycle through rather than the user having to click the left and right arrows.

testimonialOnly: default is false which means the Testimonial and recruiter/company logo will be displayed. Set this to true to only show the Testimonial. 

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