How to create screener questions in Refari

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When a candidate applies for a job you can add screening questions to appear when they click apply. These can help you quickly filter out candidates that are not suitable for your role.

Setting up questions and question sets is done in 3 stages. 

1. Creating the questions - this article

2. Creating the question sets

3. Mapping to candidate record

Creating The Questions

To create the questions we need to go 'Tools' and then 'Question Config' in Refari

We can then start creating questions. You can create as many questions as you like, later we will define which questions are in a 'question set' so you can make questions that may not be suitable for every job.

To create a question, simply click on the + Add icon as shown below

You will then see the default text style question. 

There are 5 different Field Types

Text - this means the answer will be free text (Example: Describe a skill you have that will help in this role?)

Integer - this means the answer will be a number (Example: How many years have you worked in Construction?)

Heading - this allows you to create a heading for your questions

List - this allows the candidate to select one or more from a list (Which of these best describes you?) 

File - this allows the candidate to upload a document (Example: Please provide a copy of your passport?)

We will create one of each in this example. We will start with a heading.






List - Multi-select

List - Check box


We then need to add these questions to a question set and map them accordingly which will be in the next 2 articles but first let's have a look at what these questions would look like


Setting a question as 'Required' will make this question mandatory and a candidate MUST answer that question or they will not be able to continue with the questions/submit their answers.

A heading will always appear at the top of the page and start a new page. So you can clearly define groups of questions. More on that in the 'Questions Sets' article. 

Multi-select questions means a candidate can select more than one answer. A check box question means a candidate can only select one answer. 

We can now move on to creating the question sets

Creating the question sets

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