How to add additional questions to your Registration Process

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In Refari it's possible to add Screener Questions to your application process, this can be a few extra questions that can help you identify quickly whether a candidate may or may not be suitable.

This process is also available during the Registration process.

Here is a video of the entire process of setting up additional questions on your Candidate registration form!

Here are step-by-step instructions for setting up additional questions on your Candidate registration form! 

When a candidate registers via the Registration widget, they are shown questions (which you create). You can make these questions optional or mandatory. 

We add this popup rather than adding it to the Registration form as you can add numerous questions and if we added them all to the Registration form itself, it could make the form very long and actually reduce the number of registrations as candidates will be put off by the length of the form.

Here's how to create these Registration Screener Questions

From the Dashboard, click on 'Tools' and then 'Question Config'

We are then shown the Question Config and we can see the Registration tab as shown below, however we do not need to go to here just yet.

The tab you will be initially taken to is the Questions tab and this is where we can create the Questions. These Questions can be used for Job Adverts and the Registration form.

To add a new Question, click on the + icon in the top right hand corner.

We must enter the Question, the Field Type, Max Length, whether there is a Prefix (eg $) and an example answer if you wish

Selecting Mandatory would mean the Application or Registration in this case, would not be able to be completed if they did not answer the question. You can set as many or as a few mandatory questions as you wish.

Let's set up a couple of questions:

When creating the question, we are able to click on Preview to see what the question would look like. This question is a simple radio button question which means they have to choose one of the two options.

This question below is a file type meaning the candidate would be asked to upload a file which in this case should be an example of their work.

Here is how that question looks to the candidate.

Once we've created a couple of questions we now need to add these to our Registration process. Now we do need to go to the Registration tab

We need to click on the add button in the top right hand corner.

We are then shown a list of questions that we have created and we need to select those we want to be added to the Registration process.

When selected simply press Submit

Now when a candidate registers, they will also see these questions as a popup and as we have set these as mandatory, the candidate will have to answer them or their registration will not be completed.

It's also possible (not mandatory) to map the answers to your questions to fields in JobAdder. 

You can also click on the question and drag them into the order you wish for them to appear to candidates. In this example I've switched the questions around

It's now all complete. Let's check out what a candidate will now see.

Because both questions are mandatory and have not been completed, the submit button is not currently clickable. If they do not answer one/both of the questions and try and click off they will see this.

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