Requesting a TopRec Review Revision

Created by Liam Dye, Modified on Thu, 29 Feb at 9:42 AM by Aaron Dye

A TopRec Review is really important to increase confidence from your candidates and clients in your recruiters and company so it's vital that the TopRec testimonials both make sense (although some typos from your candidates/clients can demonstrate they are genuine) and are for the correct recruiter. 

Sometimes a candidate/client who leaves the Review may accidentally assign it to the wrong recruiter or leave something factually incorrect. It's now possible to ask the reviewer to revise this.

To request a revision, first, you need to navigate to the TopRec feedback: and locate the Review that you want to request a revision for. Click on the row and the following will appear. You need to click on 'Request a Revision'

As you can see below, the Review mentions that Steven was the recruiter however this was accidentally left for Eric Austin. As such you need to click on Incorrect Recruiter. Also, the written testimonials appears to have a major mistake with the word gintttt being left (we can only imagine this was meant to say interview) which could be edited by the candidate John Emerson.

We've left a comment explaining that the recruiter is wrong and that the word gintttt could be replaced with the correct word.

Clicking on Submit will then send an email to the candidate/client who left the Review which looks like this:

Upon clicking on Edit Your TopRec Response, the candidate/client in this instance will be asked to choose the correct recruiter as we explained the wrong recruiter had been chosen.

After choosing the correct recruiter, they are then able to change the written testimonial as well.

After changing the testimonial, clicking submit will then update the testimonial that they left for your company.

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