How to approve a TopRec Testimonial

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Understanding TopRec Testimonials


TopRec Testimonials serve as a powerful tool in showcasing the positive experiences and outcomes between recruiters, candidates, and clients. These testimonials are personal endorsements, gathered from individuals who have successfully been placed in a job and have chosen to share their feedback about the recruiter's performance.


Step-by-Step Guide to Publishing Testimonials


Accessing Your TopRec Feedback

  1. Navigate to TopRec Feedback: Start by visiting your TopRec Feedback page. Here, you will find all the feedback and testimonials associated with your recruitment process.
  2. Identify Unpublished Testimonials: Within your feedback section, testimonials are easily spotted. Unpublished ones are typically indicated by an 'X' or similar marker, distinguishing them from those already visible to the public.


Publishing a Testimonial

  1. Selecting a Testimonial: Click on an unpublished testimonial. This action will bring up additional details about the testimonial, including the option to publish.
  2. Publishing: Look for a 'Publish' toggle or button. By clicking this toggle, you change the status of the testimonial from unpublished to published. This simple action makes the testimonial visible in your Testimonial widget, showcasing the positive feedback to potential candidates and clients.
  3. Sharing Your Success: After a testimonial is published, you also have the opportunity to share this positive feedback across various social media platforms, further enhancing your recruitment brand's reach and reputation.

Setting Up Notifications for New Testimonials


Staying updated with new testimonials is crucial. Any admin or manager within your organization can set up what is referred to as a TopRec manager. This role receives email notifications whenever a new testimonial is ready for review and publishing. This setup ensures that you never miss out on the opportunity to highlight positive feedback.


1. Navigate to Company Settings: Within the settings, scroll to find the 'Manager Emails' section.

2. Enter the TopRec Manager Email: Add the designated email address to the list of Manager Emails. This ensures that the right person receives a notification about new testimonials that are awaiting publication.


NOTE: Only Admin & Managers roles in Refari can approve a testimonial.

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