What do Prospective candidates see when they receive a job referral

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Let's go through and see how someone may refer a job to their friend first and then have a look to see what that person will see.

When a candidate or new visitor is either on your Job board or on a specific job they will see the 'Refer To A Friend' button. (When you are signed in as a Recruiter, you will not see the Refer to a friend' button.


When clicked on, the user will see the following and they can choose to refer this job to their friend or refer their friend to this company.

In this instance, we are choosing the 'Refer this job to a friend' and sending a private message via twitter. (Note how many different channels the user has to send this referral)

Once they have found their friend and customized the message (I have left this as 'Check this link'), they can simply click on the send button in the bottom right hand corner.

The friend can then view the following DM on twitter.

Clicking on your branded link will take them to the relevant job but with a few differences to how you normally see jobs:

As you can see, we straight away try and assess how relevant this referral was with the question on the right hand side. We also give the option for the user to continue reading. Clicking on 'Continue Reading' will display the question again and they are given the option to choose 'Not sure yet'

The rest of the job is then displayed and they can see what is required. 

The user then decides this is a 4 star referral and chooses 4 stars and will see the following in the bottom right hand corner of their screen.

The question will then disappear and be replaced with the 'Apply for this job' section

Hopefully you will have plenty of prospective candidates applying for jobs referred to them by their friends. 

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