Achievement Badges: What are they for? How do they help?

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Achievement badges are designed to help you track how you compare with your peers in terms of your Refari use! 

All of the badge types are ultimately designed to help you drive activity which drives more placements

Badges are awarded for completing different tasks and these are converted into points.  

These points are then turned into a Leaderboard. 

Below is a closer look at the categories and and why we chose them! 

The Badges associated with Jobs are designed to reward a busy recruiter, lots of roles on means more options for candidates and a greater ability to ‘cross pollinate’ i.e. converting a candidate applying for one role into a candidate for another role.


Job Ads

Jobs Ads that are popular are obviously great. 


Socially sharing roles in a functional manner that drives users to your recruitment website or careers page means more users who can save jobs, refer jobs, subscribe for job alerts, and of course apply for jobs. A successfully executed socialisation will get click throughs to your website and drive these activities, but not all socialisations are equal. The badges are designed to ensure we focus on quality socialisations over quantity. Post something creative, engaging, at the right time of day and ask the right people to engage with the socialisation to unlock these achievement badges! 

Referrals – Direct
Different recruiters get different numbers of candidate referrals, sometimes this is down to how well a recruiter interacts with a candidate, other times it is as simple as mentioning your referral scheme or asking for referrals. Log these referrals in your ATS/CRM product to drive more future referrals from your referrers! 

Referrals – Web
To drive more candidate referrals through your website, you need to leverage on a couple of indirect processes, the first is traffic! Web traffic from socialisations, job alerts and organic search, will mean more users on your site and of course more referrals. The second is talking about your referral programme! Mention it in that socialisation. Talk about it. Add it to your email signature! The value of the referral rewards is bound to have an impact here too. 

Consultant Generated Subscription 

This is an activity that you as a recruiter are solely responsible for, no amount of web traffic is going to get you these achievement badges! Create Job alert subscriptions for great candidates and watch the web traffic to your jobs grow! This also has lots of knock on effects for plenty of the other recruiter achievements! 

Applications sounds like a pure numbers game, the more people who see your job the more applications you get. However, a well written job advert to sell the best features of a job will of course have a higher conversion rate, attracting more applications. Also positioning yourself as an approachable and positive recruiter with a well earned reputation will lead to more applications. Try adding a video to your profile. Ensure the applicants know who they are dealing with and trust putting their career in your hands! 

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