How to log a direct referral in JobAdder

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What is a direct referral? 

A direct referral is a candidate who has been referred to you directly, this could be via the phone , email or other, ultimately it is a candidate referral which didn’t come through the platform

Why log a direct referral? will email the referrer showing them that you logged their referral - this shows them you take your referral process seriously. 


Transparency through communications - email communications are triggered as you move a candidate through the application process to keep your referrer informed and encouraging the referrer to make more referrals to you even if their first one isn't successful.

Video Walkthrough

Step by Step Walkthrough

In JobAdder we need to start creating a new candidate. We can do this by hovering over 'Candidates' and then clicking on 'Candidates' which has the blue pin next to it.

We then need to locate the Candidate in question from the list of candidates. It may be worthwhile using the search bar to find the candidate if you have lots in your system. I have found one of my candidate test examples here. Click on Edit in the top right hand corner so we can start entering the required details.

We now need to enter the Referrer Name, Referrer Email and Referral Date as well as using the dropdown to select the Company that this candidate is being referred to. If you are only managing one Job Board then you will only see this one Job Board however some of you will be managing multiple job boards so make sure you click the correct one.

The fields to add here are

"Referrer Name" - free text field
"Referrer Email"- field formatted to accept emails

"Referral Date" - field formatted to accept dates

And in the event that you are managing more than one brand with Refari out of a single Jobadder account you will need another field of... 

 "Referred to" with a dropdown of all the brands that you are managing out of that Jobadder account. 

Pro Tip: You can use the Date to attribute old referrals from before you used Refari to the relevant referrer. :)

Once you have the 3 or 4 fields completed above, then you click on Save Changes and this will be automatically pulled into the platform and an email will be sent to the Referrer. 


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