How to create a custom Job Alert and when you should use it

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This option is only available to admin, manager & recruiter level users and the user must be signed in. 

First up let’s start with some use cases for the Job Alert feature For a Candidate you may have just met them or had a call with them, they may be a great candidate, but you do not have the idea role for them today – this is a great time to set up a tailored Job Alert for your candidate.

For Contractors, Partner Companies, and Alumni, the use case is the same, as they are all effectively “Referrer’s” the Job Alert exposes them to the Refer button which takes them straight through to the website to refer that Job out, as well as showing them the worth of the referral reward to them. Remember the amount presented to them will be updated based on any “referral multipliers” you apply to them. 

How to create a job alert!

This is something that once you've done a couple of times, you'll be able to do this in your sleep. 

We can do this, one of two ways

1. Navigate to your Job Board and click on 'Create Job Alert'


2. Navigate to your Refari Dashboard, click on 'Tools' and then click on 'Create Job Alert'

From this point, the process is exactly the same.

You will then see this pop up which is where we need to start filling in the details for the Job Alert. When entering keywords, make sure each word is separated. Do not type all the words as one long sentence. After each word press return to add this as a keyword.

You can also add Categories, Locations and Work Types. These categories work as AND categories which means if you include Data as a Keyword and Sydney as a location and Full Time as a Work type, a job alert will only be sent if a job fulfills ALL 3 of these. 

There isn't a limit to the number of job alerts you can create for each candidate. 

This below job would be looking for any jobs that feature the word 'Data' OR 'Manager'  OR 'Science' OR 'Analyst' AND in 'IT & Telecomms' AND in 'Sydney' AND A 'Permanent / Full Time Job'!


Once you have entered the criteria you wish for this first job alert, click on Next. This will take us to the following tab. 

The Job Alerts parameters / keywords are displayed at the top and we can then enter the candidates email, a message you wish to include in the email or use one of the Message Templates.

We then define the frequency of that the candidate will receive the Job Alerts if any new jobs posted to your Job Board match this criteria. The 4 possible options are Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly as show below.

I have chosen Daily for this example and have used a System Template (template created by Refari) as the message that will appear on the Candidates email. Clicking Send will then save the job alert and an email will be sent to the candidate.

In the bottom right hand corner you will see this popup to show you have successfully suggested a job alert to your candidate.

Your candidate will receive an email with the criteria selected and message like below. 

If the candidate clicks on the 'Subscribe to Job Alert' button this job alert will become active. 

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