How to re-order blog posts on websites built by Refari

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Note: Refari follow a set of standards when building a website to ensure the quality and performance of our client’s website, we only use the same set of plugins that have been tested and proven across all website’s we’ve built.

In this article we’ll explain how to change the order of Blog Posts. 

If your website is built by Refari it would use the “Posts” widget (Elementor default blog posts widget - no filter feature

or “Blog” widget (From Premium Addons plugin for Elementor - has a filter by tags/category feature).

1. Go to Pages and click “Edit with Elementor” to edit the blog page as shown below:

Or within the blog page click the “Edit with Elementor” in the Wordpress top bar as shown below:

2. Click anywhere in the blog content which will open the settings for editing the blog. This will appear on the left hand side.

3. When the settings appear on the side panel, click the “Query” Tab. 

4. Scroll down and you will find “Order by” settings as shown below:

5. Expand the “Order by” drop down and select “Date” to order the blog posts by date.

6. Next expand the “Order” drop down and select “Ascending (oldest will display first) or Descending (newest will display first)” so you can re-order the blog posts whether to start from the newest to oldest or vice versa.

7. Once you've made the changes click the “Update” button in the bottom right hand corner of the Edit Blog settings to save the changes!

Other tips - Display posts date

To show the post date simply expand the “Post Options” settings in the side panel as shown below:

Then click the toggle button “Date meta” to enable / show the blog posts date as shown below:

As you can see, the blog posts now have the published dates displayed as well.

Custom Ordering

You've published your blogs and you want to bring a previously published blog post back to the top and show as the most recent. You can do this by navigating to the 'Posts' or 'Blog' and click on 'All posts'. If you have ordered them by 'Descending', we essentially need to make the blog post we want to display first have the most recent publish time and date.

You would then see a full list of blogs you have created. Click on edit for the blog post you want to re-order and then on the right hand side you will see a 'Publish' section

We can see a published time and date. All we need to do is change this to today (or a date more recent than the current first post) and click update.

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