What is TopRec TrueScore?

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TopRec TrueScore is an algorithmically derived score based on how the TopRec rating was acquired. This is because statistically speaking it is much easier to get a 5-star rating when you have just got someone a new job with a pay rise compared to getting a 5-star rating just after an internal interview.

From the perspective of the TopRec TrueScore Algorithm, selective TopRec ratings are viewed even weaker, in that these are effectively cherry-picked situations where a TopRec rating link is provided. At the time when the TrueScore algorithm was trained over 99% of all Ratings provided as a result of delivering a TopRec link resulted in a 5-star rating. 

This implementation will mean that organizations measuring all stages of their recruitment journey will more easily be able to achieve a higher TopRec TrueScore.

Where can you find your TopRec TrueScore?
TopRec Truescore is available to be found on your TopRec Ratings page. See below:

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