How to edit Referral Rewards

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The first thing to note is there are ‘Manually set’ Referral Rewards and ‘Automatically set’ referral rewards. It is worth noting that if ever you manually set a referral reward, this overrides the automatically set reward for this Job Advert going forwards.


A Manually set Referral Reward is when a referral reward is set manually on a given Job Advert. If you are an internal recruitment function there are also two different referral rewards that can be manually edited for different audiences (internal referrals vs external referrals.)

An Automatically set Referral Reward is one that is set up using a series of rules to automatically define the referral reward for a given Job Advert. These rules can be a percentage based reward fee, by which it references how much the Job is worth (agency) or pays (internal.)  Set, by work type so that you can, for example, have different referral rewards for permanent jobs versus part-time jobs. Or simply set it as a default reward fee flat fee. In fact, if you set all three types, we will use percentage first (if we have the relevant data), then use work type as a fallback (again if we have the relevant data) and then finally use the default reward fee if we had neither of the previous data available. 

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