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If you have internal roles that you wish to include on your Job Board then we have this cool feature built into the Meet The Team to show the 'You' profile.

The 'You' Profile shows up in the Meet The Team widget showing that this job could be for the candidate looking at the team page!

This takes a little bit of setting up but is a nice feature that will look great on your website.

We need to log in to JobAdder and click on NEW and then on Company

We need to create your company. To do this we must make sure the company name is EXACTLY the same as per the platform. JobAdder will initially try and help you create a company quickly but you need to add a few different fields so you need to click on 'Skip to full create' as shown below. 

We then can enter as much information as you wish however REMEMBER the company name must be EXACTLY the same as per the platform. In this example the company were called Safari Recruiters. Once completed, you can click on Create. 

The company is now active and you can create a Job and Job Ad for this company. Create a New Job by clicking on NEW and this time Job as shown below.

The Create Job will appear on the right hand side of the page and we can start filling in the relevant information. When you start typing the name of your company, you will see it appears underneath. Make sure you click this name instead of typing the full name. This will mean your company is definitely selected. 

Fill in all the relevant fields and then click on 'Create Job' 

The Job is now created, now you need to create the Job Ad. First, you need to remember the Job Title, if you are not sure you can navigate to Jobs and it should be the most recent job.

The Job Title here is Junior Recruiter. Now we can create a Job Ad by clicking on NEW again and this time on Job Ad. 

In Job we can start typing the name of the Job that we found above and click on the name of the Job as shown below.

This will auto-fill the Job Title and Reference. You can then type in a Short description and Job Description. Pay close attention to the 'Short Description' as this will appear on the 'You' profile on the Meet The Team widget. 

Click continue and complete the Job posting process. Make sure you select your job board that you are using.

Once you have posted your job, you can then navigate to your page with the 'Meet The Team' widget on and see the 'YOU' profile appear with the job details listed! You will also notice a new tag has appeared called 'Own Jobs' which will only display this 'You' profile.

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