Refari's Standard SEO Process: Technical, Keywords, On-Page Explained

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At Refari, we understand that effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a key component of your online presence. Our approach to SEO is comprehensive, aiming to enhance every aspect of your website for better performance. We start by focusing on technical SEO details, followed by meticulous keyword research, and conclude with a robust on-page SEO strategy.

Recognizing the diverse needs and resources of our clients, Refari offers two levels of SEO services: Lite SEO and Advanced SEO. Lite SEO is designed for quick and essential optimizations, perfect for clients who require basic yet impactful SEO improvements. This service ensures that fundamental SEO practices are accessible to all our clients.

For those looking to delve deeper into SEO, we offer Advanced SEO. This service is tailored for clients interested in exploring the more intricate aspects of SEO, with strategies customized to meet their specific needs. Transitioning from Lite to Advanced SEO is straightforward, and can be discussed in detail during a consultation with a Refari account manager.

With Advanced SEO, we take a more thorough approach, analyzing your website's main pages or blog posts to identify high-search-volume keywords beyond your current content. This method aims to enhance your website's visibility across a wider range of relevant search terms.

By providing both Lite and Advanced SEO services, Refari ensures that clients at any stage of their SEO journey have access to the expertise needed to improve their website’s search engine ranking.

Section 1: Technical SEO - Building a Strong Foundation

Technical SEO stands as the bedrock of our approach at Refari. This vital phase involves an exhaustive evaluation of your website's technical aspects to ensure it's appealing and robust. We conduct thorough audits using advanced tools like SE Ranking to identify and fix any technical glitches. This process enables search engines to crawl, index, and interpret your site effectively, laying a solid foundation for better visibility.

Enhanced Key Highlights:

  • Detailed analysis of site speed and recommendations for improvements.

  • Ensuring mobile-friendliness to cater to a growing mobile audience.

  • Fixing duplicate content issues to improve search engine trust.

  • Enhancing website security with HTTPS and other security protocols.

  • Regularly updating and optimizing the website's architecture for optimal user experience.

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Section 2: Keyword Research - Unlocking Audience Insights

After getting the technical details right, we move on to keyword research. This step is about figuring out what words your audience uses when they search online and making sure your website uses them, too. We use tools like SE Ranking and AI like ChatGPT to pick the best keywords. These are words that many people are looking for, but not many websites are using. We also look at what people in your area are searching for and what they want to find so we can choose keywords that will bring exemplary visitors to your site.

Enhanced Key Highlights:

  • Exploration of niche-specific keywords to target specialized markets.

  • Analyzing search intent to align content with user needs.

  • Competitive keyword analysis to identify opportunities and gaps.

  • Regular updates to keyword strategy based on market trends and algorithm changes.

  • Integrate question-based keywords to keep up with evolving search behaviors.

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Section 3: On-Page SEO - Refining the User Experience

The last step in our SEO work is on-page optimization. Here, we take what we've learned from the technical stuff and keyword research to improve your website's content and layout. We carefully improve things like meta tags, improve content, and ensure images load quickly. Using Rank Math SEO, we ensure every part of your website is suitable for search engines and people who visit your site.

Enhanced Key Highlights:

  • Strategic use of keywords in headers and content for better relevancy.

  • Implementing rich snippets and structured data for enhanced SERP appearance.

  • Optimizing for user engagement metrics like dwell time and click-through rates.

  • Regular content updates to keep the website fresh and relevant.

  • Advanced image optimization techniques for faster page loading without compromising quality.

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At Refari, our approach to SEO combines technical skills, understanding of language, and improving your website's content. We carefully work through each step to ensure your website gets to the right people and gives them a great experience when they visit. This complete way of doing SEO makes Refari stand out and helps your website succeed in the fast-changing online world.

Need something more? Upgrade to our Advanced SEO package?

While our Lite SEO service provides an excellent foundation of core optimizations, we understand some clients seek an even more comprehensive strategy. For those looking to take their SEO to the next level, our Advanced SEO delivers a highly customized approach. By focusing on top-level pages, in-depth keyword expansion, and advanced technical enhancements, Advanced SEO unlocks the full potential of your website.

If you feel your business needs the benefits of our premium SEO service, we encourage you to contact us. Our team is happy to discuss how Advanced SEO can help you accomplish your specific goals and get the very most out of your online presence. Investing in the right SEO is truly an investment in the future of your business.

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