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What is a Custom Profile URL

The Custom Profile URL is the URL you want to set for your (or a team member profile* ) profile so that when a candidate navigates to your profile either via a Job you own or via your profile on the Team widget they are taken to this chosen URL instead of the Refari built Profile.

How do I set the Custom Profile URL?

As with everything Refari, it's really simple. 

Navigate to Settings & Account Profile

and scroll down to the bottom of the 'Additional Info' settings section

Type/Paste the URL into this field and that's it. When you then navigate to your profile either via a job or via the Job team widget, you will be taken to that chosen URL.

What are the pro's and con's to using a Custom Profile URL

Whilst it may be great you can choose your own URL if you have created a really fancy or long profile if you change the URL you must remember to change it in the Account settings. If you want all of your staff to have Custom Profile URLs you have to set them all up and when a new recruiter joins your team, you will have to create their page and set up the Custom Profile URL. When a member of staff leaves, you must also remember to remove the Custom Profile URL.

If you use our Refari profiles however all of the above is done for you. 

* Company admin can log in to their teams accounts

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