Tags in your job adverts, how and why?

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Why add Tags to Job Adverts?

1 - Searchability - quite simply Tags in job adverts give you the opportunity to put additional relevant keywords in your job advert to improve its searchability. Improving the searchability of your job adverts means more candidates can find Job's relevant to them and therefore increases application rates!

2 -  Filtering of job adverts for Industry / Niche pages - If you have an industry or niche-specific page, you may want to display jobs related to that Industry/Niche, latest jobs widgets can be filtered in a variety of ways including Search terms, Categories, Locations and of course filtered to only display job adverts that contain a particular Tag. For developers using this feature here is the parameter in the latest jobs widgets for displaying Jobs containing a given Tag. 

3 - Applying custom screener questions on a job advert -  screener questions are a great way to collect better information from candidates and we can attribute different questions to different Job Adverts using Tags in the job advert! 

How to include Tags in your Job Adverts

Adding tags to your job adverts is really quite easy. At the end of the job advert description simply enter keywords you want to be attributed to that job advert with a # in front of them, see the example below.

When this job advert appears on your job board, the tags will be properly formatted, see below. 

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