Understanding Smart Links and URL Time Extensions in Job Adverts

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In our latest video, we delve into an intriguing scenario that many hiring managers and recruiters might find baffling: receiving applications for job adverts that are no longer visible on your job board. This phenomenon, though initially perplexing, is made possible through the clever use of smart links and a feature known as the URL time extension.

What are Smart Links?

Smart links, including 'job links' and 'socialize links,' are customizable, clickable links that you can share via email or on social platforms to drive traffic directly to specific job adverts. These links are instrumental in headhunting and digital marketing efforts, helping to track and measure the effectiveness of your recruitment campaigns through conversions and click rates.

Video Explanation

In the embedded video above, we walk you through how smart links and URL time extensions work, using actual dashboard examples to illustrate their functionality and benefits. Watch as we explore the settings and adjustments you can make to ensure these tools work effectively for your recruitment strategy.

How Smart Links Extend Job Advert Availability

The key functionality that allows continued applications for expired job adverts is the URL time extension feature found within company settings. This setting extends the lifespan of a smart link even after the job advert itself has expired on the job board. By default, or as set by the recruiter, these links can remain active, allowing potential candidates to access the job advert directly through the link provided in earlier communications.

Here’s how it works:

  • Campaigns: When you run an email campaign or social media promotion involving a job advert, the smart links included in these communications continue to direct potential candidates to the job, despite its expiration on the job board.
  • URL Time Extension Setting: This setting can be adjusted to keep the smart link active for a set period, such as 30 days post-expiration. This ensures that the job link or socialise link still leads to the job advert, providing a seamless experience for the user and not leading to a dead end.

Benefits of Using Smart Link URL Time Extensions

Implementing the smart link URL time extension has several benefits:

  1. Enhanced Candidate Experience: It prevents the frustration candidates might feel when clicking on a link that leads nowhere. By keeping the link active, candidates can still view and apply for jobs as intended.
  2. Increased Application Rates: By extending the availability of the job advert beyond its posted expiry, you can capture late-coming applications, potentially increasing the pool of candidates.
  3. Flexibility in Recruitment Campaigns: This feature provides flexibility in managing recruitment campaigns, especially those planned around specific timelines and expected durations of job postings.

Managing the URL Time Extension Feature

To manage this feature effectively:

  • Access the Settings: Navigate to your company settings and locate the URL time extension for smart links.
  • Customize Duration: Set the appropriate duration for how long the smart links should remain active after the job advert’s expiration.
  • Opt-In or Opt-Out: Depending on your recruitment strategy, you can turn this feature on or off. Turning it off will mean that once the job advert expires, the smart link will no longer function.

In conclusion, the smart link URL time extension is a strategic tool designed to enhance the recruitment process. It ensures that your campaigns don’t lose their momentum and continue to gather potential candidates even after the official posting has expired. For a visual guide on how to set up and manage these features, make sure to watch the video embedded above. This will help you utilize smart links effectively and maintain a robust pipeline of candidates.

Thank you for tuning in, and be sure to utilize these insights to optimize your recruitment strategies effectively!

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