Troubleshooting Small Display Issues in Refari Socialize Posts on LinkedIn

Created by Aaron Dye, Modified on Sat, 20 Apr 2024 at 06:57 PM by Aaron Dye

In this article, we discuss an issue sometimes encountered with Refari Socialise posts on LinkedIn, particularly when images appear smaller than intended. This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to identify and resolve these issues, ensuring your posts display correctly.

Understanding the Issue

Occasionally, images shared via Refari Socialize might appear smaller than their actual size on LinkedIn. This anomaly has been reported a few times over the last five and a half years of Refari’s operations, suggesting it is not a frequent problem but can occur intermittently.

Identifying the Problem

The issue does not stem from Refari's Socialize technology but rather from how LinkedIn renders preview images from URLs. These preview images, or Open Graph images, should display at full size. However, due to inconsistencies in LinkedIn’s rendering process, they might appear smaller.

Here’s what typically happens:

  • Socialize posts from Refari that are not promoted posts may display as smaller images.
  • Promoted posts generally display correctly, appearing at full size.
  • The issue may not affect all users simultaneously; different users might see the same post at different sizes.

Steps to Resolve the Issue

  1. Verify the Image Size: Use LinkedIn’s Post Inspector tool to check how a post should appear on LinkedIn. This tool allows you to see the intended size of the image before posting.
  2. Raise a Ticket with LinkedIn: If the image size is incorrect, report the issue to LinkedIn. Given the varying response rates from LinkedIn support, it is advisable to have multiple users report the issue to ensure it is addressed promptly.
  3. Alternative Testing: Additionally, tools like Open Graph XYZ can be used to see how the link would appear across different social platforms. This can help confirm whether the issue is specific to LinkedIn.

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