How to Effortlessly Upload Media to Your Website Using the Backend

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At Refari, we understand the importance of efficiently sharing documents and media with your clients, candidates, or internally. Whether you're distributing PDFs, images, or other media types, streamlined management is key to keeping everything organized and accessible. This support guide will lead you through the simple steps to upload media files to your website via the backend, spotlighting a PDF as our example. Plus, for our power users, we'll dive into how a folder system can revolutionize your media library's organization.


Uploading Your PDF with Ease


  • Sign In with Confidence: Begin by accessing your site's backend. Typically, this is done by adding /wp-admin to your site's URL, though your path may vary.
  • Discover the Media Section: Once logged in, the Media section awaits. Here, you'll find all the media that brings your site to life.
  • Add Your New Masterpiece: By selecting "Add New," you're one step closer to enriching your site with new content.
  • Choose and Upload: Hit "Select File" to pick the PDF you're eager to share. With a click, it's uploaded and ready to go.
  • Spread the Word: Now that your file is live, grab that URL and share it far and wide. It's as simple as copy, paste, and send.


Previewing Your Success


To ensure everything is perfect, sneak a peek at your PDF via an incognito window. This quick check confirms your file is shining brightly on your site, just as intended.


Organizing Like a Pro


For those who frequently upload, a dash of organization can do wonders. A folder system not only keeps your media tidy but also makes retrieval a breeze.

  • Reach Out for a Helping Hand: Need that folder magic? Our support team is here to craft a custom folder structure just for you.
  • Mastering Your Media: With folders set up, managing your media becomes a walk in the park. Navigate, categorize, and marvel at your well-ordered digital space.


A Final Thought


Mastering media uploads and embracing organization elevates your website's functionality and user experience. With these steps, managing your site's media is not just easy—it's Refari easy.


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