Understanding the Dynamic Nature of Refari Job Board Parameters

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This article explains the dynamic parameters within the Refari job board, including categories, subcategories, locations, and work types. These elements are designed to enhance user experience and ensure efficient job searches.

Dynamic Parameters: Categories, Subcategories, Locations, and Work Types

  1. 1. Dynamic Display of Parameters:

    • The job board only displays categories, subcategories, locations, and work types that are currently in use.
    • This design prevents displaying locations like 'Brisbane' if there are no jobs available there, ensuring users only see relevant options.
  2. 2. Search Functionality:

    • When a user adds a search term (e.g., 'sales'), the job board dynamically updates available options and grays out unsuitable ones.
    • This dynamic response ensures that search results are always relevant and productive.
  3. 3. Contrast with 'Create a Job Alert' Feature:

    • Unlike the dynamic job search, the 'Create a Job Alert' feature remembers all categories, subcategories, locations, and work types ever listed on the job board.
    • This allows users to create alerts for any type of job that has been or will be posted on the board.
  4. 4. Updating Job Alert Parameters:

    • To add new categories, locations, or work types to the 'Create a Job Alert' list, post job adverts with these new parameters and then expire them.
    • This method is often used by new clients on the Refari platform to populate their job alert lists.


The Refari job board's dynamic nature ensures a user-friendly experience, offering relevant search results and comprehensive job alert options. By understanding these features, users can effectively navigate the platform and maximize their job search or job alert creation process.

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