Restoring History and Revisions: A Simple Guide to Rafari's WordPress Editing

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In today’s fast-changing online world, it's really important to be able to edit your website easily and safely, even if you're not a tech expert. Rafari has set up a great system in WordPress to help with this. It lets you change things easily and safely, whether you're a beginner or a pro.

How to Get to the WordPress Backend:

Log In: Start by going to ''. Log in with your username and password.

Use the Toolbar: Once you’re in, you’ll see a toolbar at the top. This lets you get to different parts of your website to make changes.

Editing with Elementor:

How to Use Elementor: Rafari uses Elementor, a tool that makes it easy to edit pages. Just click 'Edit with Elementor' on the page you want to change.

Note on Performance: Remember, when Elementor is loading, it might slow things down a bit because it’s getting everything ready for you to use.

How to Make and Undo Changes:

Editing Stuff: For example, if you want to change the look of a Background Overlay, it’s easy to change things like color and how see-through it is.

Fixing Mistakes: Made a mistake? No worries! Click the 'History' icon to see all the changes you made while you were editing. You can go back to how it was before.

Undoing Published Changes: If you’ve already saved your changes but need to go back, use 'Revisions'. This shows you past versions of your page, made by you or others. Just pick the one you want and republish.

Extra Safety Features:

Safe Editing: You can undo changes easily during a session, so you don't have to worry about breaking your website.

Backups for Longer: Rafari keeps backups for 90 days. This means if you make a big mistake, you can go back to how your website was up to 89 days ago.


With Rafari's setup in WordPress, you have a safe and easy way to change your website. These tools let you try new things or fix mistakes, knowing you can always go back if you need to. With a Rafari built site, you get the freedom to edit your site, with the peace of mind that it’s easy to undo changes.

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