How to use Socialise AI in Refari

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Socialisation is a great way to get your Jobs, your Recruiter Profiles, Your Job Lists and even your TopRec feedback out there for candidates and clients to see.

However finding the time to write the Socialisation content and making it effective can take time, however we've now sorted this for you with our Socialise AI

Socialise AI is a new button called 'AI Generate Description and Tags' which can be simply clicked on during the socialisation process and by using our AI, it will create the Socialisation content and Tags that are relevant in just a few seconds!

Let's socialise a Job Advert and have a look at what it comes up with


In this example, the Job Summary is simply 'Java Dev needed' which is pretty bland and not liking to attract much interest.

Let's click the 'AI Generate Description and Tags' button 

Now look what is shows!

Amazing, it's not only created a Post Content that is relevant as it's used the Job Description to generate this content, it's also added tags and even included Emoji's in just a few seconds. 

This time, we are going to Socialise a Job Board instead of just 1 job. Below is before clicking the AI Generate button.

Below is now after clicking the AI Generate Button.

We can see that the post content looks much better now, has again included the use of Emoji's but has also referenced the whole job board and found jobs that are included in the Job Board!

This AI Generate can be used for Job Ad Socialisation, Job Lists, Testimonials and Recruiter Profiles.

NOTE: You will notice that for each month you are given 10 AI Credits, so please use these carefully. It is possible to request further AI Credits from the Refari team but there is a fee for this. Each month, your 10 credits are renewed.

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